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Peace, love and empathy

While working for Tomorrow’s People I had to engage with people that had physical problems that meant they could not even get in to the building.  I would let them know that the office is on cobbled streets, zero wheel chair access.  The building should have been enough for this “charity” to be turned down for the work programme.  

 This meant that anyone with physical disabilities could be excused and added to the red list.  

Initial assessments for the work programme are easy to do.  You phone someone up, find out how they are looking for work or how they are unable to work.  The RED list is the hard part.  They have too many barriers to work. 

Some of the Reds are easy, you let them know that you will just be calling once a month to see if anything has changed.  Some would talk to for ages, one guy had a luxury car dealership until a crash left him disfigured, 10 years before I had to speak to him.  In the ten years all friends and family disappeared, he can’t go out but because of his previous financial state he ended up on the wrong benefits.  When I spoke with him his main concern was the bedroom tax so he still really wanted to work.

On the opposite end of the scale was a young guy who had been horribly raped and abused by his older boyfriend/landlord.  He thought he had been dosed with GHB over a long period of time, he was 19.

Shit like this was very disturbing to listen to.  It’s horrible to listen to and should not be part of anyone’s job, especially a voluntary worker.  Especially when it can hurt you.  I can’t have anything but sympathy for anyone in a car accident.  I jumped in front of a bus trying to kill myself and got away with a broken arm, some people are just lucky!  Mentally I’m fucked but physically I’m ok.  

After 6 months of trying I decided I would quit, anxiety was rife, not thinking straight I thought I would be honest and say that I could not do this anymore.  I was really sick and said to a good person that I should not be here, a mistake had been made, I should be on the RED LIST, I’m really sick.  Out of the CEO’s, Nicci, this one was involved.  I dug out my appeal paperwork for my Incapcity Benefit Claim.  I don’t read things about myself, I still have it and will post it when I want to.   The only medical evidence in this appeal is a sick note is from before 2 suicide attempts, voluntary sectioning, involuntary sectioning because of escaping and jumping in front of a bus, 9 months drug and alcohol rehab.  I was sat there saying I think a massive mistake has been made and they would not listen.  The next day I got sent to a job interview in Avonmouth, seems weird but they needed more people, I had turned it down on Thursday.  I turned up 2 hours late and dehydrated.  Never been there before.  That’s when I knew these cunts don’t give a shit, it’s a numbers game.  

The same day that I sat down with Nicci Peck the guardian published this: Atos

I had done my six months already, why did you keep me on?

Why didn’t you let me go if there was no admin work, I said i could not work with clients, I said that I would be off sick a lot if employed full time.

Why did you give a multi national company a reference for someone so mentally ill?  In two years of work I had 5 weeks compassionate leave and 9 weeks of sick.

This is the problem with the work programme, it’s puts sick people into contact with others.

I do find this article weird, Sofa project/tomorrows people connection, when I comment they won’t publish or reply.  Hopefully leaving the EU will take away the bent charity funding.

Chuckie should have let you know that this was coming.  Henshaw knew but didn’t say anything.