Income Support


Obviously denied income support and housing benefit so going back to work in a couple of weeks.  Delay in processing my claim as all paper work that was signed and sent in with wage slips and copies of Passport got lost so had to go to Bishopsworth JCP with everything on the 19/8/15.  All progress made has been lost, so going back to work is the final insult.



I applied for Income Support on the day that I gave up smoking.  I am still waiting to hear back about my claim.

As I am still employed and on Statutory Sick Pay from my employer (£110 per week, £10 direct debit goes to council tax) I have stopped paying rent since I would be left with £20.  I have misused drugs in the past and have to pick up weekly prescriptions.  Today is payday and in 45 mins I can pick up my prescriptions.  Two this week so that’s £16 gone already.  Next week is the I have to pick up 3 on payday and that is £24 gone.  The drugs really do work and in a couple of weeks time will be on a antidepressant daily and anti anxiety twice a day.  I have completed the forms and sent them off to get help with my prescription payment and last week was told if unsuccessful there can pre pay £110 for the year.  Will be doing that soon but £110 is just that bit too much so hope that I can eventually reclaim the money that I have paid out over the last 7 weeks as it is quite a lot.


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