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Giving access to Universal Job Match is YOUR choice, this cannot be mandated, on the home page of this blog is a Direction letter that I was given, it seems that advisors will be using these directions as a way to get around the fact that they cannot force you to allow them access. I had my advisor check that this is true and only agreed to the direction because I did not mind them having access. It should be ok for you to remove consent straight after the meeting, therefore completing the Direction without putting your benefits at risk. I will seek more information around this when I am next in the Job Centre having completed this direction.

http://universaljobmatch.eu/en/what-should-i-do Know your rights!

7 of the 14 steps that I have to complete weekly involve logging into Universal Job Match everyday.

Below is a video showing how to use Firefox add ons to remember the password for Universal Job Match, then how to create a macro that can be turned into a bookmark, that can then be used to schedule firefox to open Universal Job Match when you want to.

Step One: Get Firefox and add ons

Firefox is a free browser which can be downloaded here: http://www.mozilla.org/en-US/

Once you have Firefox we need to get the add ons, click on the Firefox button (top left hand corner) then click on add ons. In the search bar type remember, the first result will be:

Remember Passwords (ver 1.1)

If you add this to firefox you can finally have your usercode and password saved for Universal Job Match. Click Install

Next use the search and type Imacros


Create a macro in Firefox to that will allow you to use a bookmark to automatically log in to Universal Job Match, this is the only way now that I can find to get around the log in screen that times out so you cannot just bookmark it. Click Install

Next use the search and type schedule, the first result should be:

My Weekly Browsing Schedule

Set firefox to open Bookmarks or Imacros at times that you specify. Click Install

Now you need to restart Firefox for the add ons to be installed.

Step 2: Saving your usercode and password

Google search Universal Job Match, the first result should bring you to:


Go to the address bar and right click and copy this address for later.  Then go to Log in to Universal Job Match.  Enter user id and password as normal, when you click on log in a box will appear in the top left of the screen, click on Remember Password.  Now everytime you get to the log in screen you will no longer have to enter user id or password.

Step 3: Recording a Macro

Log out of Universal Job Match and return to the home screen.  Click on the Imacro button which will be on the top right hand corner of the screen,  this will open up a sidebar with the Imacro controls.  The centre tab is Rec. Click there and now click the record, now go to the address bar, right click and select Paste and go, this will bring up the first job search page, now click on Log in to Universal Job Match, which should bring up the next page that has your username and password stored, now click on Log In.  This is everything that the macro is needed to do, so press Stop in the Imacro sidebar.  You can test the macro by selecting the Play tab and click on Play.  The macro that you have just created will be called #Current.iim , if everything is working properly right click on #Current.iim and select add to bookmark, here you can change the name if you want to but that is not important, click on Ok to turn your macro into a bookmark.

Step 4: Setting the Schedule

Click on the My Weekly Browsing button which should be in the top right hand corner of the screen, now find the Add From Bookmarks button and select the bookmark that you have just created from the list.  From here you need to change the hour and then the minute sections to the time that you would like firefox to open up Universal Job Match, then click on each day of the week that you would like it to open.

Firefox will need to be open for these to work, so if going out for the day remember to leave the browser open on your PC.

2 thoughts on “Universal Job Match

  1. They cant use a direction to get around anything, they are now allowed to force access period. You should request that in writing from the manager, its in her/his toolkit if she/he is have trouble ;)

  2. Yes, please correct this part “Although they can force you to create a Universal Job Match account you do not have to use it to apply for jobs.” It is completely wrong and misleading.

    They cannot force anyone to register with UJ because

    1. They cannot enforce the policy of accepting cookies to use the site (because of EU Data Protection directive 95/46/EC).
    2. The “Standards of Behaviour” are informational only (i.e. not mandatory). But to register you have to tick the box saying that you accept them, ergo, you are unable to register.
    3. The Welfare Reform Act 2012, chapter 2, section 17(3)(c) states:
    “creating and maintaining an online profile”

    That’s it. That’s the only legislation regarding setting up an online presence and there’s no mention of UJ because it would be anti-competitive and so illegal. If you have an email account and use any other job search website you already have an “online profile” which removes the need to register with UJ.
    4. The so called “mandatory” equality questionnaire is, if you read the DWP’s FAQ, “strictly voluntary” but you can’t register without going into the questionnaire. They have an opt out once in the questionnaire, but legally that’s taking part in it, which contradicts the strictly voluntary nature.

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